Top 10 tips for small business marketing

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Use these top 10 tips to help get your business online. Marketing your small business online is critical to being found by potential customers, here we explain some of the best way to get found

1) Research competitors and make your self different to them

Many businesses offer the same services, but it’s what you do different that makes you stand out from the competition. Whether you offer fantastic customer service or an additional service included make it known to your target audience.

2) Get your website basics right

You website needs to look great right?! But is all the functionality working?? Your contact details easily to find? Your links all working?

A great looking website is lovely to have but if your visitors cant work their way around it, they will get frustrated and leave. Make it easy for them to find what they are looking for, you dont want to work hard on attracting customers only for them to leave and go to a competitor.

3) Improve your Google my Business and business listings

Free business listings services like Google my Business are great to increase the visibility of your website and business. Ensure that you information is consistent across them all and you are on directories that bring value to your business.

4) Create interesting blog content

Blogs keep your website fresh and up to date, but dont just add any old content onto it. Make sure you are writing information that your visitors find value in. Whether you’re writing handy tips or reviewing a world wide destination ensure that you have your audience in mind. Keep it relevant and interesting.

5) Consider paid search advertising (Google Ads)

Paid advertising is a great way to get your business in front of people searching for what you do. When people are searching for products or services that they need the first thing they do now is grab their phone. 

Search advertising is a low cost way to get your business where they are searching. There are many videos and courses to understand how you can do this online.. just google it 😁

6) Create professional visual content

Video has become a fantastic way to engage customers. Viewers are more willing to purchase a product once they have watch a company’s video. 

Think of videos like Nintendo and Nike, yes you might not have the budgets of those businesses but partner up with a local video agency and you could make your brand come alive.

7) Work on your local SEO

I have bought a new house and need a boiler replacing, I search on Google “find a plumber” and the different businesses pop up… That is local SEO. 

You want to work on content which is geared towards your target area, adding your location to your website, as well as listing your business on different local websites, will all help towards your local SEO

8) Develop your email marketing plan

Getting into your audiences inbox is a sure way of them seeing your products and services.

Build an email list and update your audience monthly with your different blog posts. This keeps customers up to date with your company and shows you as an expert in the industry.

9) Focus on a primary social media channel

There are many social networks, Facebook, Twitter, insta, LinkedIn, the list goes on.

My advice, unless there is one that your customers consitantly use, stick to the one you use most in your personal life. 

You will be comfortable with the interface and you will be used to posting to it regularly.

Once you have mastered that then you can think about spreading your wings across the other channels.

10) Partner with local influences

So reach out, it might not be the most obvious way to work but it can be very effective!!

Working in partnership with other local companies who share your audience is a brilliant way to increase your visibility. For example if your are a physio company why not hold a talk at the local golf club. The golf club invite their members and you invite you audience. Both companies benefit from people being there.

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